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Stillborn & Neonatal Death Awareness Month

June is SANDS (stillborn and neonatal death) awareness month. 

The month aims to raise awareness of stillborn and neonatal death and raise money for SANDS charity. By raising awareness they hope to help reduce the number of babies dying. 

SANDS charity do vital work in supporting bereaved parents and helping them navigate life after loss. 

Every day in the UK on average 14 babies die. This includes unborn babies and babies born after or during birth. That means every 2 hours a family is devastated by the death of a baby.

Thankfully the rate of stillborn deaths are steadily decreasing year by year. Unfortunately neonatal deaths have plateud since 2012, and SANDS charity are pushing for change to get this number to decrease.


To help support their vital work, this month 10% of all profits will be donated to SANDS charity.


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